Your introduction to the world of extreme triathlons

The Knysna Extreme 0.5 is a shorter alternative to the Knysna Extreme Triathlon and serves as an introduction to the world of extreme triathlons. With an altitude gain of nearly 1,700m over a total distance of 132.50 km, the Knysna Extreme 0.5 offers an exciting challenge for athletes.

The course starts with a 2.5 km swim in the Knysna Estuary, followed by a 100 km cycle through the Garden Route. The 30 km run takes you into the Knysna forest and to the finish line at Diepwalle Forrest Station.

It is not mandatory for Knysna Extreme 0.5 athletes to have a supporter to follow them throughout the race. However, supporters are more than welcome to be part of the journey. Knysna Extreme 0.5 athletes are allowed to have a supporter follow them on the cycle leg (via vehicle) or second them on the run leg of the race – on foot, mountain bike or vehicle.



Early Bird Entries

Valid until midnight 31st March 2021

Knysna Extreme 0.5 Individual


Knysna Extreme 0.5 Team


Standard Entries

Valid from 1st April '21 to midnight 20th September '21

Knysna Extreme 0.5 Individual


Knysna Extreme 0.5 Team




The Athletes Guide contains everything you need to know about the race. A physical copy will be included in your athlete bag. ​It is essential that all Athletes and their Supporters understand and are familiar with the content in the Knysna Extreme 0.5 Athletes Guide.




'Way out of the comfort zone is a beautiful place to be in... but, it’s even better when you’re on the Knysna Extreme race course ! It smothers you with the “double H” - It HUMBLES you and it HURTS.. it’s like a triathlete race heaven from start to finish . I’d do it again. And again. And again....... and again :)'

Athlete #163 - Taneal Otto - Female Winner

Gosh words can’t quite describe this incredible awesome race ! Every part of it is just spectacular. From crystal clear water, beautiful scenic bike course and a stunning forest run ( but the run is brutal ) Not only physically but also mentally very tough ! It’s super awesome to have a supporter with you all the way on route and just make the race extra special! It’s most definitely a must do race! It’s very well organised, Knysna is a gem of a place, and I’ll most definitely return. 

Athlete #155 - Benjamin Janse van Rensburg - Male Winner

Knysna Extreme 0.5 it is exactly what it says .... don’t kid yourself – it is “EXTREME”

You might give yourself credit for being an experienced swimmer, a seasoned cyclist, and a strong runner, but let me warn you this race will test in ways that will linger with you for days after. The 2.5km swim with strong currents, the ride with 800m altitude gain and the run with more than 800m elevation, and the last 100m to the finish line is not for the faint hearted. BUT The swim has the most amazing sunrise on the horizon, the ride with the ocean right next to you and the run with the sound of little streams and birds in the lush forest .... that is the beauty of this race. For sure the toughest and most humbling, but also, most certainly one of the most beautiful races I have ever experienced. EXTREME”LY” BEAUTIFUL

Athlete #178 - Marna Grobler

'Definitely one for the books! Such a special weekend of swim, bike, run, family and friends! After a difficult year of lockdown, my bike crash, and cancelled races, it was so epic to experience doing what I love best with those that support me most. The Knysna Extreme 0.5 is definitely a bucket list race, not only is it breathtakingly beautiful and extremely tough but it offers the unique opportunity to race with your loved ones by your side. I will be back!'

Athlete #166 - Liza Visser

'The race is a very honest race, that challenges you mentally and physically. Nowhere to hide ,the challenges keep coming, more so after the covid curveball.

Athlete #131 - Leon Van Heerden

'Shooo wee, what a weekend, I have had some time to reflect and let the race sink in a bit, what a phenomenal physical and mental race it was...READ MORE

Athlete #165 - Warren Espey

'Knysna Extreme 0.5 is hands-down, without a doubt, my favourite race on the calendar!  There really is something so unbelievably special about this race and I hope it's one I get to participate in every year. From starting with the sunrise between the Knysna Heads which we got to soak in every stroke of the swim, to the magnificent views throughout the Knysna forest - there are a number of times I pinched myself! The most incredible race, the most incredible support crew, and the most incredible views one could ever dream of being lucky enough to experience. Huge gratitude to have been able to have been a part of such a spectacular event and I can't wait for 2021 already! The view from the top - there truly is nothing quite like it.' 

Athlete #112 - Victoria Dreyer

'The team event was one for the books. Would highly recommend this one (in a team format) to get your ''one toe'' wet and see what the world of "Tri" is all about without ''trying'' to kill yourself from the get-go. A fun day out supporting everyone and the running route is well...SPECTACULAR!!! Utmost respect and admiration for the superhuman's who did the individual full and also the individual 0.5 (Comrades has nothing on this race :-)'

Athlete Team #1 - Liezl Schoeman

'Thanks so much for an awesome race, I really shat bricks  on the run!

Athlete #101 Brendan Daly

'So hard & brutal, yet so rewarding. With family, friends & the Knysna Xtreme Crew it creates a spectacular atmosphere, which really makes this a one of a kind race.'

Athlete #102 Shaun Haman



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