16TH OCT 2021



No Sugar Coating | No Hand Holding | No Fanfare

Triathlon in its purest form

The Knysna Extreme Triathlon is Africa's Toughest Triathlon and an experience like no other.

The Knysna Extreme is a challenging Point-To-Point, self-supported race that takes place along South Africa’s scenic Garden Route. The course starts with a 5 km swim in the Knysna Estuary, followed by a 174 km cycle through coastal, mountain and semi-desert scenery. This is then followed by a 50 km run through plantations and the Knysna forest. It is a grueling, yet scenic route that takes triathletes back to the purest form of the sport. The route will test your fitness levels, mental strength and determination.

Each athlete is required to have a supporter to follow them throughout the race, providing all mechanical, nutritional and mental support. An altitude gain of nearly 3,800m over a total distance of 229 km, makes it an extreme triathlon that offers an exciting personal challenge for athletes.



Early Bird Entries

Valid until midnight 31st March 2021

Knysna Extreme Individual

Knysna Extreme Team



Standard Entries

Valid from 1st April 2020 to midnight 20th September 2021

Knysna Extreme Individual

Knysna Extreme Team





The Athletes Guide contains everything you need to know about the race.

A physical copy will be included in your athlete bag.

It is essential that all Athletes and their Supporters understand and are familiar with the content in the Knysna Extreme Athletes Guide.

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"Once again, another truly unforgettable experience. Being the first race since March, the whole event was that much more special and memorable. Following my cycling accident just 8 weeks before the event I didn't think I'd be able to take part. This made taking part and crossing the finish line that much more special and more than compensated for the 40 degree heat during the latter part of the bike. I've said it before and I'll say it again, every triathlete should aspire to take part in this race. It pushes you to your absolute limits and is incredibly rewarding. Further, it is a unique and amazing experience to have your friends and loved ones on the course with you. I look forward to taking part for many more years to come."

Athlete #15 - Greg Laxton

What an exceptional day this race was. Nothing about the day disappointed me. I do believe that the Xtreme triathlon race is a true test of endurance, as there is no external motivation other than your internal desire to finish and proof to yourself that you can do it. There is no crowds or show business, just you and your team. One of the sayings I live by is....READ MORE

Athlete #18 - Magda Nieuwoudt '2020 Female Winner'

The race is amazingly epic. A test taking you beyond the mental and physical. What beautiful memories are made of and the satisfaction in experiencing this challenging journey is beyond words. One for the bucket list and a must do for all triathletes.

Athlete #20 - Manfred Wiehahn '3 x Male Winner'

"The Knysna Extreme is a race unlike anything I have ever done before. It is mentally and physically tough, but Sean, the race organiser, places such a personal touch on it that by the second day after the race you want to return to hurt again.  The swim is beautiful and we were lucky with good race conditions on the day. Sean waits for you with a big hug before heading into transition which gives you some extra motivation. The bike is extraordinary and all about you and your supporter. Train your supporter well and you will have an amazing bike leg. After finding T2 you head onto the run, which is the toughest part of the course. You are out there in the forest with just your supporter, but getting to the finish line makes it worth it. Sean and your supporter will be waiting there for you and I just couldn't hold back the tears after crossing the line. What a day! What an experience! All keen triathletes should definitely have the Knysna Extreme on their to-do list"

Athlete #16 - Eulali Gouws

"I asked if the race will hurt me and it did! Wildly underestimated the harshness of Knysna. And in my novice opinion! Knysna has its own special feeling....you guys do an amazing job! Don’t change a thing."

Athlete #24 Darren Venter

"As it was my first extreme triathlon and finally something that I could apply all the training. The day couldn’t of been any better. The swim was fast and absolutely amazing, the bike was challenging but really fun! The run challenges you physically  and mentally all while stunning you with the most beautiful scenery! Sharing the day with my friends helping me just made the experience really special! The Knysna Extreme is definitely something I’d recommend to anyone aspiring to push themselves to see what they are made of! I would definitely do it again!"

Athlete #13 - Kelvin Steyn 

"The swim was my best swim ever and the conditions were perfect, that personal hand shake we received getting out of the water was very special thanks for that......READ MORE

Athlete #2 - Riaan Riekert

"Hands down my best triathlon experience! 
A hard but equally rewarding race in the most beautiful surrounds with Donovan my supporter by my side every step of the way. 

There wasn’t a day that I didn’t think about Knysna Extreme in the months leading up to the unique event. The COVID-19 epidemic wiped out my 2020 race calendar and Knysna Extreme was one of the first races that went ahead due to limited amount of athletes partaking.....READ MORE

Athlete #8 - Kris Joss 




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